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Hi Everyone.
I loved my 2011 mazda6 sport estate so much for 5years reliability. I bought a newer one.
2014 skyactiv mazda 6 2.2 sport nav d

It developed a low oil pressure fault after 6months 140k

Mazda had a look. Quoted me work at a ridiculous price.

So far
Checked oil strainer (not clogged,but flushed anyway)

Replaced oil solenoid

Had injector pump removed and pressure tested. (which had no leaks)

Had oil and filter changed. All 3x also.

Just had the dpf,diagnosed as blocked.
Had that done plus another oil and filter change.

And I still have the same fault.
After collecting it yesterday.

Full mazda service history.

Injector washers+oil strainer replaced maybe¿

What else can it be?? Am I nearly there? Or just waisting even more money??

Has anyone found a cure please 🙏

Any help appreciated 🙏 🙂 👍
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