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In the July 2003 issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords they review and dyno the latest from Ignition Systems, Plasma Ignition. It works with distributor, waste spark and coil-on-plug (Which is what we have) ignition systems.

They tried it out on their ATI ProCharger blown 2003 Mustang GT, so the results will be a bit better than it probably will be for use (At least until we get forced induction too). They claim it is a piece of cake and completely OBD II compatible, so no check engine lights or MIL events.

Ignition Systems claims it delivers four times the spark energy over the stock ignition and doubles the secondary current (spark amperage). The power boost is a result of the Plasma Booster creating multiple-spark discharge of about 10 sparks within 500 miliseconds of the total spark. The hotter spark capability burns the fuel faster than stock and the faster the engine can burn fuel and emit it, the more horsepower it is capable of emitting.

Steps to install:

1) Disconnect the battery. Splice the connector to the coil-switching wire on each coil with the quick-slide connector.

2) Attach the quick-slide connector to each coil wire.

3) Connect each PB wire to it's corresponding quick-slide connector

4) Find a ground for the box before finding a mounting spot for it and once it is mounted somewhere on the fender or firewall or wherever, it is ready to go.

Dyno results:

Before PB (On the 03 Blown GT)

Peak RWHP - 344.45 @ 5,550 RPM
Peak torque - 381.95 @ 4,300 RPM

After PB

Peak RWHP - 356.49 @ 5,500 RPM
Peak torque - 394.02 @ 4,200 RPM

Dallas Mustang currently sells PB for $299.95

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Reading Topic: Plasma Booster Ignition Upgrade

As best I understand it, you wouldn't get 10 sparks as advertised. The last five sparks wouldn't have enough voltage to jump an arc between the two leads. To create a spark over a distance requires a certain voltage, and that voltage increases as plugs wear. I think it'd wear out the spark plugs faster than necessary, honestly.

Besides, our engines are ultra-low emissions, which means most of the fuel is already being burnt. All this mod does is ensure a complete burn of the fuel, but we already are getting close to that.
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