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I am looking for a service manual for my radio Matsushita CR-YM4272 or CR-YM4272 K or CR-YM4272KA.

I can't find this manual in the I-net. Panasonic says they don't have it in there database.

What I want to know, is the pin assignment from the cd-changer plug.

I'm from Germany and drive the mazda 6, now with the single cd-player, but I want try the Ipod over the Icelink from Dension.

I have the Icelink, but just for a Kenwood system. So plug is different to the mazda radio. I want to confige out, that maybe the bus line what the Radio need to communicate is differnet to the bus line what the Kenwood radio needs.

I know from a friends driver that it is working with the Sony/Blaupunkt Icelink. He changed just the plug and installed the config in the Icelink Adapter.

Hope you can help me.

Greats from Germany.

Snorre, the viking
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