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hey guys~~!! I m looking to get a Cat-Back from RPM...but i cant decide which one, also that i want to hear or see the differences before buying them (the Magnaflow or the Greddy EVO2) ...could any member who are driving a I4 that have either of the Cat-Back on please post some pics or even sound clips on the forum~? thanks~~!!!!

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here's a pic of the EVO setup, more pics on cardomain

i had some sound, but i don't know where they are now, plus it was with headers, so quite a difference that stock there anyhow.

i love my EVO's (though i'm swapping cause they aren't loud enough now) i just don't know if i can justify the price of the Greddy setup on the I4. there are some top end gains to be had, but you loose your bottom a good bit. i think there's a video of otaking and i at the strip where he took the shit out of me at the line, and we ended up almost even at the end.

...honest opinion is go with MF's if the Greddy's are still going for like $750

...found a better rear shot...
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