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Dear Solo Members,

As most of you are aware, there has been some complaints to the The Gwinnett
County Board of Commissioners about the events held at the Gwinnett County
Fairgrounds. Though no actions have been taken at this point, it is my
opinion that it is in the best interest of our sport that we begin
collecting data to support our cause as soon as possible. With this in mind
I have created two petitions, one for Gwinnett County residents and one for
non-residents. The residents petition is designed to show support for our
events in the county. The non-residents petition is to show how much money
is brought into Gwinnett county by non-residents for these events.

The non-resident petition needs to be signed by individuals who have
actually participated in Gwinnett County Fairgrounds Events (including SCCA
National Tours, ProSolos, Divisionals, Points Events, DoubleCross, Schools,
TnTs, BMW Club Events, Porsche Club Events, etc).

The Resident petition may be supported by any resident of Gwinnett County,

Gwinnett County participants and residents:

Participants in Gwinnett County Events who do NOT live in Gwinnett County:

Please share this opportunity to be heard with fellow participants as well
as members of the community.

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Damn Haters always trying to ruin the fun of motor sports! They should be happy we are not doing it on the streets!!
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