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Performance upgrades, need help!

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Hi there,

I recently bought a 04 mazda 6 3.0 and I'm looking to put some stuff into it to add some hp. I'm thinking of getting a downpipe,headers,exhaust system, intake system, throttle body, front and rear strut bars, short throw shifter.

Has anyone done any of this to theirs? I need to know good places to purchase them from and any ideas.

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flipper66 what else do you have?
depends on what i can get. what do you have in mind?
so if i was talking hundreds, what would i be looking at
well intake would be a big one,
its a manual so i dont need trans cooler,
what do you think about headers, new exhaust system
how much power should headers add?
whats a good place to get it all?
I don't mind spending about a grand or just more, I just want quality and power
So you wouldn't do air intake, or exhaust system, or headers?
I wanna make the car around 300 hp, is that possible
no that sounds right, and like I said in other posts, I dont mind to spend the money, I'd just prefer to keep the cost low lol. to achieve 300 hp, what would I be looking at.
okay sounds good something to look into thanks so much
Guys, I may need to go into the turbo..... where can I buy a turbo kit from?
1 - 12 of 71 Posts
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