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Performance upgrades, need help!

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Hi there,

I recently bought a 04 mazda 6 3.0 and I'm looking to put some stuff into it to add some hp. I'm thinking of getting a downpipe,headers,exhaust system, intake system, throttle body, front and rear strut bars, short throw shifter.

Has anyone done any of this to theirs? I need to know good places to purchase them from and any ideas.

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If you're looking for the least amount of hassle, easy installation, most reliability, and only looking to spend in the hundreds, I would only do intake and exhaust.

Check out my optimized AEM intake setup.

I remember when I first bought these, they were over $400

Mazda 6: Cat-Back Exhausts: Power Pulse Exhaust System - 03-08 Mazda 6 -
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I don't mind spending about a grand or just more, I just want quality and power
Hhhhmmmmm... so you just picked up this '04 Mazda6. If I were you I would "diversify" and put some of your money towards a new set of springs and struts/shocks, and brakes.
Lol...since when was an aem intake 400 bucks?
I was refering to the Racing beat exhaust LOL
So you wouldn't do air intake, or exhaust system, or headers?
I wanna make the car around 300 hp, is that possible
300HP would require forced induction. No way in hell you're going to achieve that with just intake, headers, and catback. You'll be lucky to get 200hp to the wheels with that triple combination.
Salvatore, when it comes to car tuning, there's a general rule of thumb....


It's only possible to achieve 2 out of the 3. IE something cheap and fast will not be reliable.
I think the easiest route for the op would be spraying the car. With a tune of course. But I know some people don't like nos much. Hell I don't myself
But like you mentioend before, and I pointed out, this is a used '04 OP just got. First order of business would be to make sure he has a good base to start with, and that means repair, replace, and tune up as necessary first.
HI guys! I stumbled across this thread and found interesting information. Is tuning currently available for the v6? I'd like to keep mine naturally aspirated. I have supporting mods such as CAI, catback exhaust, and recently ordered the Nautilus performance SS headers (i have an AT v6). Recently installed the cpe maf injen fix (and now i wish i never did, hate cpe). Will these supporting mods with a decent tune help me reach 230whp or more and still keep my car as a daily driver? Who offers tuning and how much? What addition mods will i need to accomplish this?
Well doesn't a stock 6s puts out like 165-170hp to the wheels? Doing I/H/E will probably get you to 200hp.
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