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Performance upgrades, need help!

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Hi there,

I recently bought a 04 mazda 6 3.0 and I'm looking to put some stuff into it to add some hp. I'm thinking of getting a downpipe,headers,exhaust system, intake system, throttle body, front and rear strut bars, short throw shifter.

Has anyone done any of this to theirs? I need to know good places to purchase them from and any ideas.

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the 3L doesn't have a DP,

I have all of the rest and more.

need to add atleast a rear MM to the mix.

I get all of my cars though streetunit performance, but Corksport and RPMstore are pretty good too.

If ATX, trans cooler is almost required too.
For hundreds of dollars you can get 5-20 hp gain max ~ headers, light weight flywheel, CAI,...etc. For thousands of dollars you can get 50-100+ hp ~ turbo or supercharger, meth injection, tuning...etc. If you can do the work yourself you can save a ton. Increased speed is directly proportional to ones willingness to spend money and/or time. :)
Sport compact car tested the Injen intake in their magizine back in 2005(or was it 4) and gained 17whp just from the intake. add the CPE tuner on top of that and it is more.....
Intake (or air box mod)
Coolant by pass
Trans cooler(if auto)
rear motor mount
lowering of some sort

would be high on my list.
Headers are a great upgrade, but they aren't cheap by any means.
NA, N/A....means naturally aspirated. or all motor meaning an engine without forced induction (turbo or supercharger or nitrous)

fixed it for ya:rolleyes:
N20 is compressed gas with 02 molcules(the only component in air that really matters in combustion). they use N20 because the N(nitrogen) is a stable gas. You could run straight O2, but the bottles are not nearly as safe to transport and is highly voletial.

N20 isn't even flamable...... unlike other fuels.

IT is oxygen being injected under pressure into the plenum/intake/ port that increases o2 in the cyclindars and requires more fuel to keep stotic and creates a surplus of power over a standard combustion series.

Alcohol without extra O2 reduces A/F, same with extra diesel..... N20 Requires more fuel or it will increase the difference between air and fuel.

Meth on the other hand is a fuel of sorts.
Fuel is not an oxidizer though.

You have me confused as hell what you mean.
btw, the NA build you listed....... I have to wonder if the motor will make 300bhp and flywheel would not factor in to BHP numbers either...

that would make for 100% VE... not staying it is impossible, but unless katy is running the dyno I dont think you will clear that.
N20 is not forced induction (IMHO) since it is simply another fuel, like alchohol or diesel. N20 just burns a lot faster and has other properties that preoduce more power than gasoline can. (its an oxidizer)
Haha...I never said fuel was an oxidzer. I said NO2 is an oxidizer.
see your above post.

how can it be a fuel and an oxidizer? Given the ages we've used nitrous...... I have never increased compression to account for Nitrous, only fuel.
I'm referencing it as fuel by the way its injected and sucked in by the engine itself. Not blown in. I felt that was the easiest way for someoen who doesn't know much about it to be able to compare it to something and also a reason why no2 shouldn't be used to have an engine drop the NA denomination.

Then when I said that is burns faster than gasoline due to other properties and put in parenthsis "its an oxidizer" I was referring to what NO2 is.

As for the V6 making 300bhp....ill ask this. How much power does it take a mazda 6 v6 to run dead even with an evo 9 with an intake? Evo being about 100-200 lbs lighter iirc. Using drivers with equal abilities and knowledge of how to really drive their car. My car did it.....3 times. Until it got heatsoaked.

Edit...the evo had two passengers and the driver. And I had a passenger. So the weight was pretty much even
the charge from a turbo is still sucked or induced into a combustion chamber, just like the charge or a nitrous spray. both are held under pressure and create positive crank case pressure....... both required addition fuel because they have increased the volume of O2 in the combustion chamber.....

they are the same thing by all accounts. N20(nitrous oxide, not di-oxide) doesn't burn like gasoline.

If you spray it and ignite it, it does not explode as it is not combustible. it needs a fuel additive to combust... butane, gasoline, alcohol, ect.

as for your reference of 300 BHP...... you step out of BHP and have stepped into WHP pretty damn quick with your reference nor would I have any idea on what upgrades would need to be compatible with a Evo.

never mind things like elavation, temp, tires, power loss at the drive train on both vehicles, suspension ect would all pay a huge roll. Non of which should have a reference to BHP as this is souling what an engine makes in a solid state.

Ps Much respect to you justin and you know that, just don't want anyone having misconceptions about these systems.
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But like you mentioend before, and I pointed out, this is a used '04 OP just got. First order of business would be to make sure he has a good base to start with, and that means repair, replace, and tune up as necessary first.
Without a shadow of a doubt. making sure the compression is good, the suspension is solid, and the motor is safe is far more important than adding 10-15-1 million HP.

as who cares how much power a car makes, if you have to push it down the driveway.... just ask my in-law;)
Not sure how I went out of bhp into whp in the post you quoted.

But are completely wrong about something. The air from turbos and superchargers does not get sucked in by an engine. It is blown into the engine under load enough overcome atmopheric. Why do you think they call it boost? We are talking power here. So in turn we are talking WOT. You go wot on any supercharged or turbo car you will see positive manifold pressure. Boost is the common term. Boost happens because the turbo or supercharger is forcing air into the engine fatser than it can suck. Another term...force fed. The air is pressurized...if the engine was sucking more than the turbo or supercharger you would never see boost. Turbos and superchargers are the morst cost effective way to achieve. VE well beyond 100%. The ONLY time a turbo or supercharged equipped vehicle is sucking is at idle or part throtlle (loads under the threashold to create boost or overcome atmopheric pressuse)

There are NA motor than have been known to see boost...but it happens in motors built bananas by someone with the knowlegde and hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.

A nitrous motor does not see above atmopheric pressure unless its built like the above example. The nitrous is still sucked in by the motor alone. Not blown into the. Chambers.
If you turn the hose on it builds up pressure, and forces the water out of the hose and onto the driveway. this is Force.... nitrous uses bottle pressure to force N20 into the combution chamber. Nitrous force is does not have anything to do with WOT, this why it requires a momentary switch to avoid spraying it outside of WOT and why in bigger shots it requires its own fuel maps, buecause it changes the amount of 02 induced. You can spray a car still idling, it isn't good at all for the motor, but you can physicly do it.This increase O2, not fuel, and usually leads to a huge mess. Friend did this on accident when he by passed a non-working by-pass valve.

Forced induction=forced fed induction(o2 charge)........ whether is Nitrous, turbo, or even electric s/cs. Hell you can even do it with a leaf blower.... which outside of the induction stream would do nothing but clean the motor, but when added to the intake piping.... creates positve pressure.

BHP is at the Crank, pre-drive train loss. WHP is after the drive tran loss and what real power you make at the wheels.

less the EVO motor, and MZ6 motors are literally bench racing with engine dynos in you discription?

The NA motors that make positive pressure are crazy. Got to love crazy vac pumped motors with big ass cams and shit..... really impressive stuff.

I can't say for 100% if the nitrous spray excess 0 atmosphere, but thats because we don't hook up boost gauges to our nitrous cars, less they are boosted+sprayed big turbo cars.

yes turbo motors make over 100% VE, because they have these power adders and are superb at doing so. making an all motor car do similar USUALLY requires things like high compression, ITBS, C16, and a shit load of timing. I'm not saying it is impossible, but the math of what is required to do so vs what you listed is hard to swallow.
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"combustion chamber, it greatly increases the amount of oxygen that can be burned to produce horsepower. Normally, oxygen makes up about 20 percent of the earth's atmosphere (with increasingly less oxygen at higher altitudes). This means that about 20 percent of the average intake charge is also made up of oxygen, and it is this amount that combines with vehicle fuel to produce combustion. But when nitrous oxide is introduced to the combustion chamber, the percentage of oxygen rises dramatically and allows for substantially more fuel to be used to produce a significantly more powerful explosion. This situation is similar to the one created by using a turbocharger or supercharger--the end result is a higher concentration of oxygen and fuel within the combustion chamber. The only difference is that instead of increasing the volume of air entering the combustion chamber, which is what a turbo or supercharger does, nitrous oxide alters the content of the air entering the combustion chamber; specifically, the oxygen content."

Throttle in a Bottle —

Everything I have found suggests it increases pressure within the manifold because it has a larger mass. Less space=more positive pressure.
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I just got goosebumps! Is there a website i can go to check this out? I have lost power installing that detuned crappy cpe injen fix. Is there any way I can safely undo the install? You can tell how much i love cpe. As soon as i get my headers installed and other things fixed, I will be looking all over the world for you! Actually, I think I did see a thread not too long ago that you're an authorized dealer/tuner. Am i correct?

BTW I have followed your progress on youtube and through some google searches. Pretty sick stuff you've done to the 6s. I'm sure you've heard it a million time...well here's a million and one more. haha
the CPE tune is a fancy SAFC with less options.

Your best option for tuning thus far is justin's tuner.....

there are other options out there, but bang for you buck justin's tuner.
who the heck is spider headers? the only refrence I could find was an MX6.....

is this a V6 or I4? the V6 nets nearly 20WHP(injen intake saw 17whp in import tuner magizine back in the day untuned) with just a proper intake.

I'm a hell of alot modded and don't have a signficant amount of fuel consumption nor have I stepped to higher grade fuel. the car is tuned for 87 so that is what I put in(though justin and I have debated on this perviously it is my choice)

light weight 18s weigh less than factory 17s. that said even increasing the mass a little isnt a huge deal. less you buy wheels made from stone or something. Just make sure you have properly sized tires so the speedo isn't effected.
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