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People in Malaysia

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Any Mazda 6 or Atenza owners in Malaysia? If so, where can I buy aftermarket parts and accessories for it in Malaysia? Trying to find a "ATENZA" emblem to stick on the back.
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I'm a Malaysian working in Melb, Aust. I have the Lux Sport 2.3lt. Cost about A$45k. I was told that Cycle and Carriage is trying to bring in the M6 to KL by Feb 04. I think it will be competing against the Honda Accord.It may be an import since it is only assembled in Japan. This means higher price due to import duty.

It certainly is a nice car to drive.
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RM$170k for 2.3. They will be competing with the Alfas, lower end Audi and Honda Accords. It will be a tough competition.
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Actually, $170k is reasonable for a fully imported M6. I think the camry is using a 2.4lt engine in KL. In my opinion, I think the rear is sitting way too high and the end is a bit big.

Wonder if the 2.3lt version will have sunroof, body kit and 17" alloys or it will be the Luxury pack that we have in Aust.
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