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The European Mazda accessory catalogue shows a pic of color-coded reversing sensors on the rear bumber; but dealers here in the UK say they can only get them in blackand thus far aren't that willing to commit to having them painted. Has anybody seen these as color-coded parts anywhere, like in the catalogue?

My 6 is silver and I think black sensors wouldn't look very appealing, so I'm looking for a workaround.
You can get color-coded sensors from other manufacturers here (Rover, BMW) as replacement parts; but I wonder whether they'd be compatible with the rest of Mazda's own recommended kit. Any thoughts?

I'd directly approach the manufacturer of Mazda's own kit if I could find out who they are, to see if they really do supply color-coded sensors outside the UK market. Anybody happen to know who makes the parktronic kit that Mazda supply?

Thanks for any thoughts.
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