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Hi al
I just bought a 2010 Mazda 6 Touring (Australian model). It's got factory Mazda front and rear parking sensors. The parking sensor beep-beep-beeps 5 times when car is started or parking sensor is switched on at the switch near the steering wheel. The light on the sensor switch continues to flash while driving and doesn't stop.

After it does the 5 beeps, the parking sensors do seem to work fine, both front and rear respond as per normal. Given they work fine, the 'problem' is manageable but I assume there is some sort of sensor/electric problem underlying it.

Googling the problem, I found a Mazda 3 owners guide that mentions 5 beeps as being potentially 'foreign material' on the sensors. I had a quick look and wiped them all and the problem didn't go away. The guide's next suggestion is to bring the car into a dealer to get fixed which I am not that keen to do.

Any ideas, brains trust? Thanks.
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