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paint color

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i just ordered a badgeless grill and am hopefully buyin a br lip for my 04 6i sport from shyguy thru this forum and have a question on paint color cause i need to get these items painted. i have that little bottle of touch up paint that mazda send you and it doesnt say which color it is nor can i find it anywhere.. its not the crayola crayon red but the darker like maroon kind is that the sunfire metallic?
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oh i meant redfire metallic and i guess so cause it isnt the volcanic
You can find the paint code on the sticker on the driver side door (not on the door but on the pillar). It's something like EXT PNT. Once you find this code, you can use it to order paint from whereever.
thanx !!! just got my grill today so lookin to get it painted this weekend!!
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