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Hi folks,

I hope someone can help me with this fault. I've been trying to get it fixed by a few local mechanics but I'm getting very different diagnoses.

Mechanic Workshop 1) Told me it was because my oil level was too high and recommended an oil change and engine flush. Within minutes of getting the car back, the same fault code came back on. £155 wasted it seems, £45 of which was to run the diagnostics and clear the fault code, which I could have cleared myself. By the way, this was the third time I've used this garage and the third time they were unable to fix fault, so I'm done with them.
Mechanic Workshop 2) Advised that it was likely due to carbon build-up and it may also be related to an intermittent fault i've been having (error code P0401). They said I would need to strip the engine down to clean it and I needed a special tool to remove some of the parts. They then told me they don't have this part and recommended another garage. I called this other garage and they couldn't even look at it for weeks, plus they were ridiculously expensive (almost £100 per hour).

I've read from other folk on forums that the vacuum pump failure is quiite common on these cars, so I don't know if mechanic 2 was assuming worst case scenario. It is really hard for me to say. I do hace a pressure test kit which I bought on a whim one time, but have never actually used it. Are these easy to test to confirm a fault?

I should also mention that I paid to have the engine carbon cleaned using a hydrogen machine. The place that did it got rave reviews, so thought I would give it a try. It didn't clear the fault either. The car is driving fine too.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations. Thank you!
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