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So been working on a mazda 6 2.3 l
PO640 CODE keeps popping up. Car will not stay running . Cranks over starts for a second then dies..
The camshaft sensor was replaced.
Noticed the signal wire had 2.5 volts on it and ground wire had 2.2 volts on it. Usually power in ground side is a short in wire to power. When throttle body and mass airlfow are disconnected. The car starts after 2nd try and idles high. Obviously because it is in default mode bit the car stays running..then I shut it off and plug back in throttle body and mass airflow and it doesnt start..checked timing with bar instered into camshafts..and number 1 cylinder to top dead... crankshaft white mark on gear positioned in center of crankshaft sensor..i can not get bolt from timing kit to fit with cv axle in the way. The wave form on scope for camshaft does not have square wave look on it..Any pointers with this would be appreciated..
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