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I think it would be great for Mazda to bundle a CD or DVD containing manuals etc, with a new car.

I wanted to get an online copy of the M6 owners manual, but MazdaUSA's link is broken (yeah, I e-mailed them and they're aware of it)

Anyway, the disc could have owners manual pdf, car maintenance software, payment scheduling, and extras like behind-the-scenes development, prototype models, factory tour videos, and other Mazda propaganda....of course, there'd be a hotlinks section featuring :D

I'd imagine it would be next-to-nothing to put this together. It'd be browser-based so it'd be compatible with macs, linux, windows, etc....I don't know if any dealer is already doing this. When I purchased my Dodge Neon (back in 94); they provided a VHS tape, so this would be one step beyond.

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