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Hi, everyone. I have my 05 6s for about a year now and love every inch of it. I kept waiting for some kind of turbo or supercharger to come out but don't see any. I guess the V6 is just too tight for a turbo or a charger, at least, for a reasonable price. I saw in several posts that CPE CAI is the best intake, however, when I called my dealer, they told me it will void the warranty. (Damn dealers...) So, I want something that can give me some HP and Torque boost before my warranty is up.

To make a long story short, I am looking for a cheap CAI that I can buy locally. I noticed that with shipping & handling from ebay, it's not really cheaper and if anything is wrong with the part, I am screwed. Does anyone know a shop that sells different CAI brands near Irvine? After some research, I believe the differences among BOMZ, Ingen, and AEM are marginal. I will get the CPE intake eventually, but for now, about 10 HP & 10 lb-ft will do.

Thanks for any input!

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or you could wait a couple weeks and see if Atom44wat will sell his CP-E now that the turbo's on? don't know how much, but cheaper than from CP-E i'm sure. but with any CAI, many dealers will tell you if voids the warranty. you can bitch or just take it off for service....but if they say it for one, they will most likely say it for all. we can even do the install in HB if you want.
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