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Originally posted by NickR

            Can you order the options (leather, moonroof, bose, etc...) separately or do you have go with the full packages like on the Mazda website?  On the website, in order to get leather, you have to add Bose and the Comfort/Cold weather package.[/b]
There are already a few threads here about this, and Mazda's rules are so arbitrary and counter-intuitive that it really can get confusing. Also, the website seems a little unclear in some respects and downright wrong in others. I don't think even Mazda understands their options packages.

having said that, here's the deal as I understand it (with the 6s at least, the 6i may be different):

If you want leather, you have to get the comfort cold package. I'm not certain if the package is included in the price of the leather or as a separate item.
If you want leather, you don't neccessarily have to get the Bose.
If you want the Bose, you have to get a sunroof (this one makes no sense to me at all).

I thought you might be able to order each option separately if you ordered the car directly.  Any thoughts.[/b]
Nope, see the rules above. Also, the question of how long it will take Mazda to start fulfilling custom orders remains (as far as I know) unanswered. Don't hold your breath.

On another topic, how do you think the interior compares to current Volkswagen interiors?  I love the fit and finish of my 2001 Jetta, its heads and shoulders above most cars (under $30k) that I've been in.  How does the 6 compare.  I test drove one, but it was really quick and I didn't have time to really check it out.[/b]
I love the interiors in Jettas, they're hard to beat in quality. The Mazda is very close, but not quite as good in interior textures. the actually quality of materials is about as good. The swithchgear is better in the Mazda, IMO (notable exception: the mirror controls are slightly chintzy). However, the interior design is much more distinctive and interesting in the Mazda. I love it, but your mileage may vary. For example: the integrated proprietary stereo might give you pause if you're looking to do a third-party upgrade.
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