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*One of the recovered Skylines, an R32 GT-R, belonged to a member of one of my other forums, minus the Veilside front bumper, which they left at the scene of the crime*,00.html

And for when the link goes bad:

Probe of area vehicle thefts nets arrests
By Marisa Navarro, [email protected]
May 3, 2006

An investigation into street racers suspected of stealing cars worth as much as $100,000 and vehicle parts from other racers is expected to lead to additional arrests and uncover more stolen property, officials said Tuesday.

Operation V-Tec led to 11 arrests in the cities of Santa Paula, Oxnard and Ventura last month and has uncovered several stolen vehicles and car parts in the county and as far away as Palmdale.

"If they blow out their engine ¿ they figure, why buy a new one when you can steal one for free?" said Sgt. James Curry of the California Highway Patrol.

The Ventura County Auto Theft Task Force, a group consisting of several law enforcement agencies including the CHP and the Port Hueneme and Oxnard police departments, was one of the lead agencies in the investigation. The Ventura County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office also assisted.

Those arrested are Santa Paula residents Richard Powell, 21, Jorge Hurtado, 23, Mark Olivo, 20, Anthony Martinez, 20, and Miguel Ornelas, 18; Oxnard residents Michael Mendoza, 25, Francisco Perez Jr., 18, and a 17-year-old whose name was not disclosed; Ventura resident Angel Combest, 27; Richard Espinoza, 18, of Fillmore; and Joshua Webb, 27, of Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu.

The charges for each person vary but they include vehicle theft, altering vehicle identification numbers and possession of stolen property.

Approximately nine months ago, street racers told the Ventura Police Department that their cars were being stolen and, of those that were recovered, the expensive parts such as the engines were missing. They suspected some of the people they raced against were stealing their vehicles or parts, Curry said.

Tuesday in Camarillo, law enforcement agencies displayed some of the recovered vehicles as well as engines, transmissions and rims.

Most of the cars discovered in the investigation look like vehicles commonly seen on the road. These stolen cars, however, have been enhanced with high-performance engines and spoilers to go faster, he said.

Three of the cars uncovered were Nissan Skylines, a Japanese car that also was used in the street-race movie "2 Fast 2 Furious."

The recovered Skylines were built in the 1990s and equipped with 600-horsepower engines. By comparison, a stock 2006 Honda Civic has about 140 horsepower.

CHP Investigator George Orozco, who worked on Operation V-Tec, said the arrests sends a message to street racers.

"It's going to obviously impact the street-racing scene," Orozco said. "We hope the others will learn from these guys and stop."


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Go-Fast Spoilers!
And 600+ BHP factory engines from Japan! :laugh: I love the uninformed press.

The R32 GT-R I mentioned is the one in the fore front of the last picture with all the cops looking at the engine bay.
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