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Once again... car is at the stealership.

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So I recently purchased the extended warranty from Mazda shortly after purchasing my MS6 (platinum coverage ~$2500) and had to have the 30k service done in order to comply with the warranty. I also had some wobbling sounds coming from the tires and some other things I wanted checked out. Turns out its not just ONE but BOTH front wheel hubs and wheel bearing setups. They are sold seperately but both have to be replaced at the same time. Est. cost ~$907. The paperwork hasn't been filed by the warranty service yet so will NOT be covered. So I walked into the dealership and cancelled the warranty. It's going to cost me ~$1500 out of my pocket ( hubs, bearings, and the 30k service) plus the ~$2500 for the warranty ( piece of sh*t assholes).

I got my money back for the warranty and gonna just order the parts and have a local shop do it hopefully for less. But all this JUST after I purchased my vehicle is unsettling to say the least. I would be doing the work myself but I don't have a press!

Sorry just a little rant. :swearin:

P.S I think I might be investing in a FSM VERY soon...
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I went in with the complaint of a wobble noise that changes in pitch. They proceeded to tell me that the hubs were wobbling and that if I wanted, I could see for myself. I told them to hold off on it and ill drive it for now and they said they were going to finish the fluids and ill have it back tomorrow. First thing im going to do is check for myself. Then get it checked out by my friends shop. I'm skeptical, but I want to make sure.
I would scan the page of conditions and post if I could ever find the install disk for the scanner... But yea. I don't even want to deal with the extended warranty. Can't even change your tire size without voiding it. Just a hassle. If it's needed, I'll pay for the parts and have my friends shop do it and just put the rest of that cash away for a rainy day...
So I would just need the bearing? dealership said I would need the hubs AND the bearings. I would much rather it just be the bearing, as my friend's shop could do the work free of charge and the bearings should be relatively cheap compared to both hub assemblies and bearings.
Okay update: I just picked up the car from the dealership. Looks like I will have to replace the HUBS and the BEARINGS. with the car jacked up, I took off the tires and turned the hubs and they wobble. So they had to have been bent before mu purchase of the vehicle because I know I havent hit anything or done any off roading for both front hubs to be bent. now I'm scared because I obviously the previous owner didn't treat her very nice :(
Before I order any parts, I'm going to get a second opinion from my friend some time within the next week. Weird thing is, I picked up the car a bit ago, and they rotated the tires. Now it seems considerably less responsive in the turns and the only thing that was really done to the car was the 30k fluids. Tire pressure is fine and the tread is far better than the ones that were on the front before.
factory warranty was up in march of this year, just before I purchased the car.
The sound was present there the day I purchased the car (only about 3 months ago) and I wrote it off at tread noise at first. I didn't take it in once I realized what it could have been because I was hoping to have my warranty by then. Now because of the circumstances it took to get to this point, I'm shit out of luck and gonna have to pay out of pocket anyways. Like I said my friend's shop is going to take a look at it and see what exactly needs to be done. Thanks for the info I'll relay it to the shop. I'll be investing in the FSM soon since I dropped my warranty.
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