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Once again... car is at the stealership.

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So I recently purchased the extended warranty from Mazda shortly after purchasing my MS6 (platinum coverage ~$2500) and had to have the 30k service done in order to comply with the warranty. I also had some wobbling sounds coming from the tires and some other things I wanted checked out. Turns out its not just ONE but BOTH front wheel hubs and wheel bearing setups. They are sold seperately but both have to be replaced at the same time. Est. cost ~$907. The paperwork hasn't been filed by the warranty service yet so will NOT be covered. So I walked into the dealership and cancelled the warranty. It's going to cost me ~$1500 out of my pocket ( hubs, bearings, and the 30k service) plus the ~$2500 for the warranty ( piece of sh*t assholes).

I got my money back for the warranty and gonna just order the parts and have a local shop do it hopefully for less. But all this JUST after I purchased my vehicle is unsettling to say the least. I would be doing the work myself but I don't have a press!

Sorry just a little rant. :swearin:

P.S I think I might be investing in a FSM VERY soon...
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Sorry to hear that dude.
I'm hearing a creek in my front passanger wheel on rare occasions. I'm terrified to know whats causing it.

It only happens once in a blue moon so I haven't got it looked at yet. I know I should but I'm lazy and scared.
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