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Okay now I want to do this sometime soon.
wow, this makes it so difficult. there is little need to go through the grommet on the sedan. the connector for the spoiler light has the power needed for this mod. and i have confirmed the 6's without the spoiler have this same connector in the trunk lid. you literally only have to take the trunk liner out, the connector is on the left upper corner as you looking at your open trunk lid from the back. and use like a 4 ft piece of wire and splice the white with black stripe wire where the connector is, and stuff the wires in the open socket terminal, and you done. it literally takes 15 minutes from satart to finish. and thats taking my time.
from I understand from that you just get a 4 piece of wire put one end in spoiler connector and splice other end and put on both inner lights. Now if thats right I just want to make sure i know where the spoiler connector is.

now correct me if im wrong but that should be 1 of the 2 inner lights.

now for the spoiler connector i have 2 pictures dont no which one or where to put the wire?:

or is it this one?

help is very much appreciated. oh and one one more thing is Low Energy/Low Voltage Lighting Wire okay for this?
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