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I have an ‘04 Mazda 6 wagon. Despite videos to the contrary, the oil filter will not clear the frame/steering member below. Any suggestions?
It depends on the brand. It is indeed too small for atleast a few brands. Motorcraft for me is about a quarter inch too big, I even tried to return it but they insisted it was the right one. I had to push hard on the exhaust and force it through. The previous oil filter was probably a good inch to inch and a half less diameter.

Force it ended up my option. Its going to suck getting it out with oil spilling from it but, thems the brakes when they design it too small for a better filter. (always been a fan of the larger the better)

A quick google came up with this from the forum here
"Reading oil change writeup on the front page it did mention that you might have to push the exhaust manifold out of the way slightly, but mine will not move at all. I even used my breaker bar as a pry bar to try to get some leverage and it was a no go.'"

fairly common practice sadly ;)

and nice car :D Ive got the same, ive never seen another on the road before in person :p
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