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Hi! My first post, please be gentle!

So Ive just bought a 2010 2.2 Diesel TS2 Mazda 6. Great car, loving it so far. My question is re servicing.

Its coming up for its 75k service, and according to my manual needs :

Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Brake fluid, Cabin air filter

A few dealers have been contacted, one quoted £930 !!! (I have no idea why its so high)

Any way, I thought id do it myself, filters should be easy enough, but I have a query re the oil change - does any one have any tips - is there an easy to access drain plug etc?

From my reading I should - change oil and filter, the reset the DPF sensor using the short connection / pump pedal 10 times technique.

Is there anything else I should do or be aware of please?

Should I buy oil from Mazda, or would say Castrol Edge 5w-30 be exactly the same (if not better) than Mazda sold / branded oil?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all,

Sorry to hijack, but I'm also new, and have the same car as dabbler! (in Pearl White, and I loved it until recently)

I've done 73,000 miles and have a flashing DPF light so I am about to book it in for the 75,000 mile service.

Can't believe the quotes I'm getting - £724 is the best so far at Derby Mazda - seems crazy for what they do, even if they do keep the car for a full day! (What's their usual hourly rate?)

My 50k service was done when there was 59k on the clock, just before I bought the car in July 2012 - I missed the 62k service as there wasn't much point in changing the oil again a couple of months later (I do 20k+ a year)

So now I'm pricing up the 75k service, constantly falling off my chair when they tell me how much it's going to be.

I'll keep an eye on this thread for any opinions about DIY servicing (I service the wife's Astra but wanted to keep my Mazda history) and independent garage servicing.


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Just to give you an update Dabbler ..

I phoned the Mazda dealer in Doncaster (Stoneacre Mazda) and they can do the 75k service for £339 inc VAT! That includes:

Oil/Oil Filter
Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection Inspection
Drive Belt Inspection
Brake Fluid Change

I've asked them to knock off the brake fluid change as it was done last year as part of the 50k service, so it's £319.

I'm expecting them to find something wrong with the drive belt/tensioner as it makes a rattling sound sometimes - so I'd have to pay for replacement (or try and claim on my extended warranty)

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From information learnt in this forum and others, today I serviced the Mazda 6 2.2 Diesel, inc a manual DPF regen, service reset etc etc, heres the procedure I used and it worked a treat. Infact the Mazda 6 was one of the easiest car's Ive worked on.

I purchased:
Original Mazda cabin filter, oil filter, air filter, Mazda Dexelia DPF oil (5 litres), a bluetooth OBD scanner (cheap £7 ebay job).

First, check oil level isn't too high (i.e on the X) and warm the engine up. If it is too high, skip the dpf regen and do it last of all.

A - Manual DPF regeneration
Follow procedure here : Tips and Tricks for MAZDA 6 (GH) 2.0D MZR-CD (RF-Turbo) 2007 - 09. - (DPF Cleaning process). I made a cable with a flat pin on one end and crocodile clip on the other (Im so glad I learnt from this site about this cable - it allows you to do what the dealers would! Its worth its weight in gold!)

B - Oil change & computer reset
- Disconnect battery
- Jack car up, remove plastic shield
- Remove sump plug, drain
- Remove filter, drain more
- Fit new filter (rub some oil around rubber ring)
- Remove washer from sump plug, fit new washer (important! the washer on my sump plug was badly warped, this is important to replace!), replace sump plug
- Replace pastic shield
- Lower car, fill with 5litres of oil (check dip stick, ensure ins in the middle of L & F)
- The computer will reset if all power is drained, good to press brake pedal a few times to drain any residual power.

C - Air filter
- Dead easy, remove and replace. No tools needed.

D - Cabin filter
- Pain to find - glove box - its behind there. No tools needed, drop glove box and remove plastic panel, filter slides out (mine was full of crap and leaves - in worse condition that the actual air filter!)

E - Reconnect battery and start car, leave for 5 mins. Switch off car.

F - Reset DPF after cleaning process
- Follow guide here Tips and Tricks for MAZDA 6 (GH) 2.0D MZR-CD (RF-Turbo) 2007 - 09. -

G - Reset DPF and Oil Data (after oil change)
- Follow guide here Tips and Tricks for MAZDA 6 (GH) 2.0D MZR-CD (RF-Turbo) 2007 - 09. -

H - Recheck oil level.
- If ok, take for a careful drive (the ECU has reset and needs to re-learn. Apparently 20-30 minutes.

I - Recheck oil level again and read error codes.
- Connect computer to car and read error codes, should all be clear.

Also - my security light was flashing, even with all doors and windows shut. Key must need to be re-registered, as locking car and unlocking using the key cleared this.


Next weekend, ill change the gearbox oil & break fluid. There is a guide for re-calibrarting the injectors at Tips and Tricks for MAZDA 6 (GH) 2.0D MZR-CD (RF-Turbo) 2007 - 09. -, however I couldn't get this to work - maybe its for another model, maybe I messed up - ill try again next weekend.

Hope this has helped others with similar queries.

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See the extract from the manual (2011) on the 2.2 diesel it is critical you

1.Use the recommended oil
2. Do not go beyond 10,000miles
3. Regularity get the sump cover removed and checked cleaned ( see other posts) of depositis
4. Yet again I will mention getting the the injector washers changed especially cylinder 1 after 70,000 ( I think that is scheduled in the service but easily skipped ) on this engine this is as important as a cam belt on a car that has one !!!!
5. A reminder that this engine dumps unburnt diesel from the DPF process in the sump , so your oil level will rise over time with dilution
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