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Hello folks.
newbie here.
nice to be in this lovely forum.

I own a 2nd gen 2011(euro model) with the lf-vd engine (2.0L disi).
the previous owner sent the original engine to heaven at about 100,000 km (62,000 miles).
the piston just went out and broke the engine body (no one knows the reason...)
mazda has replaced this engine after a lot of negotiations(only half the block...).

right now this is suppose to be a new engine but it burns oil.
something in the range of 2 liter(0.528 gallons) a year.

when the engine is running and i open the the oil cap, alot of air goes out + small amount of oil pops out.
i took a picture of the visible part of the camshaft and it has burned oil residue on it.
what can cause this?
bad pcv valve?
any help will be appreciated.

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