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2005 Mazda 6i sedan && 2007 Outback 3.0 LLBean wagon
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I read as part of another thread around here somewhere about someone who just couldn't get aftermarket axles from Autozone to fit in their Six. I just replaced mine, and had a hell of a time at first, too. But I noticed something about the clip on the axle end... it's not round! My Autozone part number was: 10846N (Duralast Gold new CV Axle, Auto trans, front, driver's) & 207N (Duralast CV Axle seal, Auto trans)


Guess which is the "won't fit" one? (hint: the bottom one, with 'shoulders', is from Autozone).

I just ended up popping the clips off both axles with a screwdriver wince (yeah, I know, Neanderthal here), and swapping the OEM one onto the new axle. Voila, got it in in ten seconds.
I'm sure Mazda says to not reuse the clip, but it's just a spring retainer, and if I didn't "F" up the splines I doubt I damaged the clip either. Just hoping I didn't mess up the new oil seal with so many attempts... everyone and their manual make it a point to say how "easy" it is to rip/tear/damage it.

Also, I noted some major differences between the Autozone-supplied replacement axle and the one I removed, which I assume is OEM. Thought I took a picture, but didn't... foolish.

OEM: dynamic dampener in middle of half-shaft. Autozone: No damper
In some quick reading, it sounds like the damper is thought to assist absorbing vibrations from small manufacturing variations at high speeds. Old car, small island, few highways, I don't expect to get above 60mph much!
OEM: no ABS tone ring. Autozone: ABS ring included
This one's got me puzzled, about how the original didn't have a ring or a sensor at that wheel. I didn't think ABS was an option in any 2005 cars... have to read up on that.
But, the ABS version fits just fine, so I kept it!
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