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OEM fogs non-sport

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Hello everyone! My first post here. I just got my 05 Mazda6 3.0 non-sport 3 weeks ago and it's really something. I am 31 and in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I am an systems engineer and am currently back in college upgrading my degree to Systems Analyst. I had a 98 Chevy Malibu 3100 before this which was a show car and I run a website similar to this one for the Malibu. My forte is in electrical work due to my engineering background and I also taught myself body work and paint jobs alongside professional body techs. Anyways, that's a bit about me.

I have been reading through the site (loving it here btw), and I am aware now of the problems with the EBay lower bumper foglight kits. Apparently they don't fit the North American Mazda6. I am wondering where I can find the OEM lower bumper fog kit for an 05 non-sport (aside from a dealership). I searched but all the links seem to be outdated and dead now.

Thanks a lot guys.
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I have one for you

PM sent
Sent you a couple PM's but they don't seem to be going through.

Pics are ready. PM me your email address and I'll send them right now.
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