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this alternator upgrade will probably solve your short distance drive issues...
"Iraagi high output alternator"
not a cheap move but may solve your problem.

I've noticed with basically all cars that I've done the battery relocation resulted in battery drain for whatever reason.
I also had 0 gauge wire and multiple grounds. It's just the length of the wire running the length of the car vs. stock that has something to do with it. When I had my GTO, a few guys over at tried relocating the battery and they had the same problems you are experiencing. Most everyone else (me too) bought a slightly smaller Optima battery to save a few LB's and kept it in the stock location.....similar to CP-E's mod only CP-E's is much sweeter! :drool:[/b]
Weird. There are OEM's with factory remote mounted batts (typically in the trunk), for example my old 3 series BMW. No issues at all w cold weather starting. Hey, rear engine diesel busses sometimes mount the batts well forward of the engine, maybe for weight distribution.
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