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Sorry This is in the wrong forum. It should be in the 2.3l I-4. Cuz that's what I got. MYYYYYYY BAD.

I have a few odd issues with my 6. 1) it's a four banger. Not that it's a REAL issue, but I don't like it. Especially knowing that the 6 cylinder spanks it like a redneck spanks his daughter for wearing a dry tshirt in the house. But, whenever I make a left hand turn, there's a squeak. And sometimes, there'll be a squeak from the driver's wheel while driving. It never last long, but it's there. After some movement, it goes away. I've checked the bushings and they seem in good condition (and they should be cuz they're new).

Also, my speedo seems to stick at around 100mph. I KNOW my car increases in speed past that, but the speedo doesn't seem to move. As a matter of fact, when getting spanked by a 6cyl 6 (how I found out about this site in the first place) we ran up to about 115-120 ish (I'm assuming) but my speedo was saying around 90. Now, I KNOW I was going past that because I had my cruise set at 85 or so. Any ideas on either of these.
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