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Hello, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Armand, and I am a PROUD new owner of a 2006 Mazda6 3.0L V6 (proud old owner of a 91 Miata). I was extremely pleased to find an online, forum based support group for the 6.

I had traded in my 2001 Ford Explorer SportTrac for the vehicle that brought me here today. They had a similar site that taught me a lot about my ST, enough so that I was able to do significant mods all by my lone-some; that's a feat on my part due to the fact that I was not electronically inclined when I installed an aftermarket 2-Way pager alarm by myself, or hard-wired a Sirius radio into the dash.

Enough about the Trac, that's old news, I am here to share the excitement of Mazda6 ownership and hope to learn as much as any of you is willing to teach me (or atleast politely point me to the right thread :unsure: )

In the near future, once I over come the fear of performing surgery on a brand new car, i was hoping to start with the Sirius Radio hard wire install. I have two receivers already, and I wasn't about to pay $430 for a kit and a 3rd account with Sirius. So I was hoping to root around the forum to answer my own questions, but thought of saying 'ello first to everyone before I go posting in other threads. Ultimately, I want to install a "Carputer" with monitors and all... not sure what that will do to my warranty though :D .

Thanxs for taking the time to read. See you in another forum.

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