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Hey all! Mazda 6 owner here. I wanted the S series but the Damn Dealer i went to (Wayne Mazda Dealer) said i didnt have enough credit so they stuck with me with a Basic 6. Nothing in it at all really. Its a lease for now but we are going to buy it out at the end so i feel like Lightly modding it. Tints, Exhaust, Cf hood and eyelids and body kit really. No intake or Turbo till i buy it out.. But a couple questions. (I know every vet here is gonna say use the Search button. I use to own a toyota Celica and did alot of searches on the celica website. But i have become very lazy.)

1. Will 04-05 Parts fit onto a 06?
2. Whats a good bolt on exhaust?
3. What style of Cf hoods are there?
4. Whats the best body kit or Lip kit out there? (I hate ricey for offense to anybody)

ALso its a 2.3 l i believe. 4 cyl

Thats it for now. Nice boards u guys have here as well!

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what up kid!?!?!?!

it's cool. i hate searching too.

wayne mazda is my baby's birthplace as well.

to answer your questions (to the best of my ability), i'll start here.

1) depends on what you're talking about. i've read that taillights and what-not will fit. haven't personally experienced it (yet)
2) magnaflow? that seems to be popular i think.
3) there is the OEM style (minor badass), invader (reverse cal, medium badass), and the evo style (major bad ass) hoods.
4) i'm getting the accolade extreme kit (, you can check out andy's autosport too. i personally feel that all of the rear bumpers out there look like garbage, so you'd probably want to get the 6s sport rear bumper. i'm waiting til something better comes out and leaving my stock sport bumper.

some good websites: (accolade)

haha kidding about the last one

ummm, what else

you could check out (they do carbon fiber stuff)

eh, i think thats it. welcome to the fam.

ps - if you take of the waynemazda license plate frame, they WILL put it back on.

pps - FUCK the search button
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