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Hi Everyone!

Spent way too much time staying up past my bedtime the last couple of nights trying to find some answers to my questions. Didn't find what I was looking for so I decided to post.

I am searching for a manual transmission wagon. I have found a few out there but I am having trouble determining the options/trim levels on the various cars I've found.

Here are some links to some of the cars.

I am pretty sure this car has the "sport" package due to the rear spoiler, side skirts, etc. But it doesn't have fog lights. Other than the fog lights, I am pretty sure this is the car I am looking for. Unfortunately I think they want way too much $ for 120K miles.

This blue 2006 model that *has* the spoiler, but does not have the side skirts, etc. The seller lists this car as Grand Sport Wagon. Is this correct?

2004 Mazda 6 S

Then there's this black '04 that seems to have nothing. No options other than standard equipment. What do they call this trim level? S? I don't know. Oh, this car has a blown engine and they will want $4500 for it. I think they are nuts. I went and looked at this car and it appears that the rear precat is fried and they kept driving it, blowing up the motor. It makes really bad nasty rattling and squealing noises in the motor and won't rev up. And the oil smells of fuel *bad*

Anyway, if you guys could help me decipher the trim levels, etc, I'd really appreciate it. I guess the main question is which model is the most desirable from a sport driving point of view? Is the suspension (strut valving, spring stiffness, etc) different on the different models? If so, then the actual "Sport Wagon" would be the one to look for, right?


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I believe Mazda 6's generally have three levels of trim with two engine choices. The four cylinder is the "i" model with the V6 as the "s" model. Beyond that, they have Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring, each with increasing luxury options and standard features. I don't think they changed the suspension at all for the trim level. Obviously the V6 has different suspension than the 4 cyl and beyond that the wagon and hatch each have unique springs and/or shocks, to cope with the added weight.

I believe the Sport model has the different front end along with the side skirts, making the first one on your list a Sport. The second is probably a Touring, since it doesn't have leather. If it were my money, I'd get the Sport.

As it stands, you're kinda looking for the rarest of the rare when it comes to 6's...a manual wagon. Good luck with your search.

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That first one is a 6s and has fog lights. They are built into the headlight assemblies. With the leather seats I would think it would be an upper model

The second one, as stated, is a 6s. I thought, though, the Grand Sport trim had 18" wheels. Anyone?

3rd one no longer a valid link.


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'06 wagon available, (1)S, (2)Sport, (3)GrandTouring, (4)Grand Sport.

Standard Exterior Items for wagon
17" Wheels 1,2
18" wheels 3,4
HIDs, 4
Smoke Tint Headlight lens, 2,4
Fogs 2,3,4
Side Still Extensions, 2,4
Body color grille, 2,4

Standard Interior Items for wagon
Cloth int, 1,2
Leather, 3,4
Bose, 3,4
5 speed manual, 1,2,4
6 speed automatic, 3

Lots of other standard items listed but can be found on all trim levels. Also some items available as options if not listed as standard item. Example, 6 speed automatic is available as on option on 1,2 and 4.
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