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Long story long, my beloved wagon probably jumped timing and the rings are worn anyway (it always did guzzle oil), so I made the difficult decision to retire it since the registration expires next month.

Since it's 2020 and obviously life is short, I found and bought the much less practical '09 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 with 6-spd. manual transmission! I got a good--not amazing--deal on a very well maintained but high mileage (156k) model at a little mom and pop used car place way out in the countryside. The guy gave me $800 for the wagon, which I'm happy with since I only paid $1,650 for it two years ago (almost to the day).

My coupe is pretty good looking and if you've driven one, you know this Honda engine and trans combo is pretty magical. I'll miss the cargo space and extra doors, but for right now it's keeping me from missing the wagon too bad. Some pics from the ride home:


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Wow! I always liked cars with less doors but I can't afford one. For a third car, it may be possible.

Please stay here even if you no longer have the "6". An active member who contributes to the forum is all we need.

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Sorry to hear about the wagon, but you know this place is always home if you want to stop by :)

Have fun with your new adventure!
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