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No 2.3L and 3.0L in Hong Kong yet

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I really jealous you guys who have so many different models of 6. In Hong Kong, we have the 1.8L automatic only. I don't think that the dealer here is going to bring in the 3.0L, but I really hope that they could import the 2.3L (stick shift, in particular). Does anybody know when are we going to have 2.3L in Hong Kong? I have been waiting for four months already and there is no news about importing the 2.3L yet.:(
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I didn't even realise that there were 1.8L and 2.0L of the Mazda 6!
I drove a 2.3L and it felt a little underpowered...
so whats the power on the 1.8L and 2.0L????
Reading Topic: No 2.3L and 3.0L in Hong Kong yet

I guess it does really depend on certain locations. There are some nice open roads here in aust.
i really wouldn't mind the V6 here in aust.
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