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No 2.3L and 3.0L in Hong Kong yet

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I really jealous you guys who have so many different models of 6. In Hong Kong, we have the 1.8L automatic only. I don't think that the dealer here is going to bring in the 3.0L, but I really hope that they could import the 2.3L (stick shift, in particular). Does anybody know when are we going to have 2.3L in Hong Kong? I have been waiting for four months already and there is no news about importing the 2.3L yet.:(
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Word is that Singapore will get more of the 2.3 in 2003. Can't confirm exactly when though.

Unfortunately, the 2.3 is expensive to maintain in Singapore due to a "road tax" which is pegged to the engine capacity of the car. So in essence, the larger the engine, the more expensive the tax is. That's why we've got so many underpowered cars in Singapore including 1.5litre Nissan Sentras and 2 litre Camrys :p
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