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Where: 584 US 130 - Trenton NJ

When: June 1st 2014

Time: Noon - Whenever


Cause we're back! Let's celebrate by getting everyone together!

This is it! This first event will be open to the public! Spread the word, spread the bird, spread the herp.

This will be a meet, no charity function, no car show, no trophies. Stay tuned for those further events.

We've been given access to our own privately owned lot. We are free to host future meets, BBQ's and charity events here! No more fear of getting kicked out or harassed.

The lot is quite large, we can most likely fit 500+ cars in here.

Do NOT do burnouts.
Do NOT speed.
Do NOT rev your engine.
Do NOT blast your music.

I stress that all NJtuner meets are for anyone that has a passion with cars. We are here to meet new friends, talk,share our experiences with our cars, and to have a blast.

We are not here to host your problems or personal drama. We are not here to showboat, boost your ego, or to have a huge fuckfest rave leading into street races spanning the tri-state area.

Being an asshole will NOT be permitted.
If you are coming with a cocky attitude, stay home.
If you are coming to show off like an asshole, stay home.
If you are coming to start drama or a fight, stay the fuck home.

These are simple rules to follow, we don't want to get shut down. We don't want to have a bad reputation. Girls just wanna have fun.

Post up here, post up anywhere, post on FB, post on instagram. Lets make this HUGE folks!

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