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Nice Way To Get Welcomed To The Mainland :(

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moved down here 2 weeks ago. just bought a house in surrey. last night sometime during the night and between this morning I got to wake up to this

somebody thought it would be nice to kick in my drivers door.

question, how to best get it fixed? Go through ICBC or private?
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wow that's pretty shitty. Yeah you'd have to go thru ICBC if you changed over your insurance to them. If not then I'd assume you'd have to go through your current insurance company.
Sorry to hear about that. Who is your car insured with, if your from out of province you might want to go through that insurer first?
I'd find the f'r(s) that did that and do this: :hammerhea: :cursing: :chairshot:
Followed by some of this: :guns: :biggun:
I'm with ICBC. Moved from Kamloops. This really sucks....

will this cause my insurance rates to increase if I claim via ICBC?
It shouldn't cause your rates to go up unless you've had a claim in you recent history. But welcome to the Lower Mainland, it's too bad you had to leave Kamloops, I used to live up there and i liked it alot.
Sorry to hear about that. Don't worry, your insurance won't go up. Basically, you should have a $300 deductible. So you pay ICBC $300 and they fix your door...or, you go to my friend's body shop and see if he can fix it for less than $300 cash (he is an ICBC accredited shop just fyi). If he can, then it'll cost less. Because it's not a collision claim, then your insurance won't go up and it won't affect any future discounts you may be entitled to.
Yeah welcome to the lowermainland!! Maybe its time to get a two way alarm just so you can kick the :deadhorse: that did that to your car!! I would drop by a autobody shop and get an estimate on the repairs (it looks like there is no paint damage so they maybe could push the dent out )...If exceeding 300 then go for ICBC. I was just about to post a similar incident too.
both his rx8 and mazda5 got the same treatment on different days!
Surrey is not so good, at least you still have the majority of the car. Better than West Hastings street however, which is the scariest place I've ever been, including new york, detroit, chicago and Washington DC.
I drive through West Hastings almost everyday, yeah that place is scary. Always remember to lock your doors driving through West Hastings.
Jay, welcome to the club man. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. While instinct would probably push me to find a baseball bat and go after those mofos, better judgement (I hope) would soon kick in and tell me to go with the ICBC route and just forgive and forget... easier said than done, I know.

Whereabouts in Surrey are you? I'm in North Surrey about one street over from Delta. I was personally hoping to be able to move to a place like Kamloops in a few years time.

EDIT: Dent or no dent, you should've come out to the meet we had today.
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