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I went and bought a NEXTAR GPS unit from CT just for shits and giggles... At first the product was GREAT! 7" Touchscreen...40GB HD to store MP3's on... USB Port for updating and loading MP3's... And a FULL CANADIAN MAP!!! All for the low price of $399.99. You can also get the US map from the NEXTAR site for $49.99... Which is worth it i think....

But enough with the good stuff... NOW FOR THE BAD!!!

After only 4 or 5 uses... The touchscreen went funky... When i tried to type in the letters on the keyboard it wouldn't press the correct key. And this was after several calibrations of the screen... It would work for several seconds... Then just revert to screwing up again... It works fine when you press the big buttons on the screen... but trying to type in the text was a pain...

I had Hoped that this was just this unit that is doing the problem. But after talking to customer service at CT the clerk stated that she had herd "Not too good of news" regarding the product. :irate:

Ah well... I'm returning it today and possibly getting another to give it 1 more try... If they have a recall (LIKE THEY DID WHEN IT WAS MACVISION) then ill just have to bite the bullet and install a carputer.... :)
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