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Mazda officials are considering using a diesel powerplant for the next-generation Mazdaspeed3 hot hatch. According to Car & Driver, Mazda USA product boss Robert Davis made the comments at a decent technology seminar hosted by the Japanese automaker.

Davis did say that were the company to go this route “performance wouldn't be degraded. That's somewhat reassuring, but as to how to achieve such an outcome wouldn't be easy. And changing the characteristics of the relatively high-revving hatch to a diesel beast with even more torque steer doesn't sound attractive at all.

One of the reasons Davis is even considering the switch is that he believes the younger buyers choosing a car like this don't have the negative perception of diesels that the older generation does.

More reassuring is new that Mazda has already begun testing a turbocharged version of the new Sky gasoline engine – just in case the diesel thing doesn't pan out.

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