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Hey people

I'm a newbie to the site just scrolled in due to seeing the discussion about one of my sponsors being Just wanted to post up and see how the import life is I have a 2000 Trans Am WS6 good amount of mods sponsored and not sponsored mods. The car just recently got dyno'd with its current set up and ran a best of 597RWHP with 655 RWTQ on the giggle juice. But yeah just wanted to say hi and see how you guys are and hopefully I won't be outcasted because of my car but what ever happens happens ttyl.


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nice ride....
whats doen to it?
ive got myself a 95 lt1 its in pieces but its getting a t76 turbo before spring, should be in the area of 750-850hp to the wheels on about 8 psi

the import scene sucks, you know that... ha ha j/k
the 6 is a nice ride, it needs better handling and way more power... but thats about all i would complain about at the moment
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