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Hello, i am a long-time Mazda owner (since 1997) who just acquired a 2009 Mazda6. I have been on this site looking at posts, and from what I see, you all know more about this stuff than the "pros"! :)

I am having some trouble regarding the remote for the switchblade key. The key operates the vehicle, but the dealership could not program the remote to work with my car (the battery is replaced and the lights flash but no workie-workie); they are absolutely useless. The only thing they will give me is a part number for a new remote: GS4B-675RYA and say they do not know any other information i might need. The remote I currently have (not working) has this information on the inside:

FCC ID: KPU41788
IC : 4238A-41525

I have been searching Ebay for a new remote, and found a site that says the remote will work with a 2009 Mazda6. The numbers they are posting are the same as above. But, before I buy, I want to make damn sure I have the right remote in the first place! How in the heck can I find out which remote will work with my 2009 Mazda6 without buying the key from the dealer at over $150!

Please help! :eek:
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