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Newbie Intro/Post to up my count so I can PM ASH8 about the firmware update

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Hey all,
I learned to work on cars with my 2009 Mazda Protege. Now I'm here with an issue with my 2017 CX-5 Touring Edition. Seems as though the Nav chip was causing my infotainment system to crash repeatedly. The chip is out and the problem is gone. That's got me considering an upgrade to the Apple CarPlay system. To do that however I've got to update my firmware which is currently 59.00.502 NA N. The dealership wants $180 plus tax to update the firmware. Seems a bit steep for me when they're just going to plug a usb drive in and let the cpu figure out what to do. I think its amazing that somebody is offering to PM people with the firmware update. I'm still making my mind up about installing software in my car that a stranger over the internet sent me but I don't see a ton of people screaming on here about how their car crashed suddenly because a hacker got into their car through the firmware and caused an acceleration issue.

Thanks for contributing to the forum,
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$180 is too much but there's nothing you can do about it. I'm still on the fence about getting an Android Auto when I can also get an Android unit. The offline map I have for the stock head unit is useful for me, although not good when looking for directions.
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