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Well, it's time for my spring cleaning, getting rid of all the audio gear I've collected and havent put to use. Condition of the gear is listed with each item, and all manuals, boxes, ect are included unless noted.

NEW - MA Audio 1.0 Farad capacitor (color: Blue) - Taken out of the box, in perfect condition and never seen power. $45 OBO,

NEW - Orion XTR500.4 - Removed from the box to look at it, but put right back in. Was part of a system design for someone who decided to go with a different color scheme for their system. An underrated amp that rates at 65w x4, usually puts out 75w x4 or more. rated at 250w x2 bridged, will push out at least 300w per channel. This is the older series, with a black amp base, and silver logo. $225 OBO

NEW - NO BOX - Aura MR675H - This amp is new, but without manual, box, or window stickers. Rated at 6x55w RMS, typical output is 6x70w RMS. Known best for having some of the best internal crossovers available, this amp can drive your entire system. Bridged output is 3x170w RMS. A large footprint amp, it's also thin and low profile (does that make sense?) $175 OBO.

NEW - Phaze Audio system 4 - 6.5" components, these haven't been made in a LONG time, as Phaze went out of business. Now collectors items, these retail locally for about $850 and have a great sound. Aluminum cones also make these LOOK great, if that's what you're into. When in production, these sold on the net for $450. $450 OBO

USED - NO PAPER BOXES - Diamond Audio M3 10" DVC subs - Driven in a controlled environment and never abused, these subs will give you a lot of sound without taking up much space. Designed mainly for quality, they also hit pretty hard for 10s. In a sealed box, carpeted black. Power handling depends on the box used, but these are rated to handle 250w+ RMS - $175 OBO with box

USED - NO BOX - JBL Power 80.2 - Used but in perfect condition, this outputs 40w x2 RMS and 160w bridged. JBL typically underrates their amps, so expect a little more power than what it's rated for, but nothing significant. A solid, reliable amp for front speakers in a low wattage system, or rear speakers in a higher power setup. $60 OBO

USED - NO BOX - Diamond Audio 6.5" coaxials. Probably the best coaxials I've heard of without topping $300+, they sound as close to components as you can get. Rated to handle upwards of 100w RMS, these were driven carefully and never abused. MINOR cosmetic blemish on one speaker, as the tweeter grille is dented, but unit still works 100%. $60 OBO

HOME audio:

NEW - Wharfedale Valdus 400 - Removed from box, then put right back in, these have never seen power. Were to be used in a friend's home theatre setup, before he found out his wife was pregnant. Prefer to sell as a pair. $125 EACH or $200 PAIR

NEW - Aura Bass shakers - Perfect for an apartment where a large sub can't be used, these attach under your couch or chair and accentuate the low bass from your subwoofer. They simulate the impact and rumbling you feel from a larger sub, and they work well when used right. 25w RMS power handling on each. $30 PAIR

Alright folks, that's what I have for now. List will be edited when things are added or sold. Shipping is however method you want, local pickups are encouraged, and shipping cost is whatever the shipping costs. I'm simple like that. :)
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