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Hi all.

I picked up a 2005 Mazda 6s hatchback, 3.0L V6, manual with 143k miles. After some initial work, most things are back to working correctly. However, one thing still puzzles me. I can unlock the car with the remote, key, or interior door lock button - no problem. I can lock the the car with the key or the interior door lock button. But, if I try to lock the car with the remote, the alarm goes off - the horn starts beeping and the headlights flash. What gives?

I only have one key and remote, and I've already replaced the battery. The car runs and drives as expected, and doesn't appear to have any electrical issues. I've tried doing the remote connect / relearn procedure (key on/off 3 times, door open / close 3 times, hit button on remote twice, etc.) a few times just to make sure it doesn't need to be reconnected, but no change. Is there anything else I can try?

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