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New to Charlotte NC

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Hey just moved here from atlanta ga and looking for some ms6 or ms3 guys that want to hit up and get together to mod/ work on their cars. I live in the south part of charlotte and just moved here about a month ago. Love the area just need some good car friends to team up on projects with. Hit me up if your interested. thanks!:)
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Hey man! This thread caught my eye, because I'm in the Charlotte area. I don't have a speed tho, but a 2003 6i, with *drum roll* springs.

Still, nice to hear about another local Mazda owner and enthusiast. I've autocrossed mine twice before, beat a few Miatas-with-slicks in my class last time haha :D

You should check out and hit up the autocross coming up in a week, dec 10th at knights stadium. I'm gonna try and go to the dec 11th one, its going to be at danville airport, VA - a little far (about 2.5 hrs from CLT) but definitely worth it.

Anywho, my name's Alex. I don't think I would do you much good with my non-turbo 6i, but just wanted to say whats up.
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