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New suspension time...

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Ok so I currently have H&R's kit on and I love em, but no damping adjustment and I have my fronts fully lifted and putting a lot of tension on the springs. Now there seems to be a lot of kits out there, some are made for the regular 6, which is ok with me cause the spring rates are way better than the H&R's do. Here are some of the choices:
1-KW Variant 2 (no damping adjustments but made in Germany) KW Variant 2 V2 Coilovers Mazda Mazda 6 Sedan 03+ - eBay (item 160408633379 end time Mar-24-11 00:40:31 PDT)
2-Tein Super Street TEIN SS-P COILOVER 04 05 06 07 08 MAZDA 6 MAZDA6 - eBay (item 200493150935 end time Apr-03-11 23:36:30 PDT)
3-Yellow DPS Coilover YELLOW DPS COILOVER 04-08 MAZDA 6 SUSPENSION SYSTEM SET - eBay (item 190506650114 end time Mar-29-11 04:25:35 PDT)
4-BC Racing BC Racing N-01 Type BR Coilovers 03+ Mazda 6 - eBay (item 310190477627 end time Mar-18-11 12:15:09 PDT)
So yah this 4 kit seems to get me interested.
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IMO, you can spend lots more money, but the best setup is Koni Sport Shocks (yellow adj) and the stock springs. I've had new set of H&R springs on hand for months and finally pulled it down to install them this weekend. After a direct comparison of OEM and H&R, the OEM springs are larger wire by almost a full mm with the same # of coils/diameter. This would explain why some folks report the H&Rs are way too stiff/low. The car is riding on the bumps stops because the H&R springs aren't stiff enough for the lower ride height.

So...., I decided to keep the OEM springs on and I cut one coil from the bottom of the front springs and one coil from the top of the rear springs. Also cut one level of the front and rear bumps stops to account for the lower ride height. The car is essentially perfect for street/track, IF you have the alignment set to maximize grip....
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