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New suspension time...

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Ok so I currently have H&R's kit on and I love em, but no damping adjustment and I have my fronts fully lifted and putting a lot of tension on the springs. Now there seems to be a lot of kits out there, some are made for the regular 6, which is ok with me cause the spring rates are way better than the H&R's do. Here are some of the choices:
1-KW Variant 2 (no damping adjustments but made in Germany) KW Variant 2 V2 Coilovers Mazda Mazda 6 Sedan 03+ - eBay (item 160408633379 end time Mar-24-11 00:40:31 PDT)
2-Tein Super Street TEIN SS-P COILOVER 04 05 06 07 08 MAZDA 6 MAZDA6 - eBay (item 200493150935 end time Apr-03-11 23:36:30 PDT)
3-Yellow DPS Coilover YELLOW DPS COILOVER 04-08 MAZDA 6 SUSPENSION SYSTEM SET - eBay (item 190506650114 end time Mar-29-11 04:25:35 PDT)
4-BC Racing BC Racing N-01 Type BR Coilovers 03+ Mazda 6 - eBay (item 310190477627 end time Mar-18-11 12:15:09 PDT)
So yah this 4 kit seems to get me interested.
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RPM made a set of pure performance springs a while back (the name of them slips my mind) - Mazda6Mtx had them on his car with Koni yellows.

That is one incredible setup. I've never felt a car handle that well on a track (note: he was also running r-comps).
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