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Hi, I've been lurking here for about a month reading up on the MazdaSpeed.

I traded a Black 2005 RX-8 GT for my Black Cherry Mica 2006 MazdaSpeed6 Sport. I hated to see the 8 go, but I have a baby on the way any day now (in fact, I had to delay getting the car for a day because the wife was having contractions all day). We were going to get a silver GT, but the wife hated the leather in the RX-8 (hot as hell), and I really didn't mind the marginally better payment of the sport LOL.

I'm from Mexico, NY, by the way.

Driving impressions (anyone sick of those yet?):

A lot of stuff reminds me of the 8. The layout of the cabin, the general feel of the chassis. It loses a little of it's edge compaired to the RX-8, the reactions aren't as immediate and the feedback isn't as noticeable, but all around it's the next best thing. Still getting used to the vast difference in power delivery, haha. Where the RX-8 was just waking up, this car is just running out of steam. Still, very enjoyable, and light years ahead of every other sedan I test drove.

I'll be seeing you guys around!

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