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I was a little mad at myself for paying $600 for a stereo that was just not loud enough for my taste and I got a bonus for about that much from work so my budget is set at $650 installed. I have a friend that I trust and knows more than most of store guys that wanted $400 just for the installation and (cheap) wiring. I was advised on the advantages of "Dynomat" but it is SO expensive I found a way to get a substantial amount at a great price! It is a substitute but is the same thing and maybe a little more sticky. I did my entire trunkX2, made "pods" in the holes for the door speakers to modulate sound and keep out moisture (that I did find in all the doors, btw). I am giving what is left to my installer as partial payment and doing the website for Dyno-Pro, his portable Dynamometer and car tuning company, I mention in my other thread, for helpng me.

Here's the specifics on what I have:
2003 version of the Sony 6.5 Xplods(sorry Entropism) 200 watt 3 ways model xs-HD160G for the back and 180 watt components for the front ,model xs-HF600G. Both with the new aluminum woofers, tweeters, and midrange (no paper at all). My installer says he will give me what I paid, if I don't like them. I think I will!! I am tall and sit way back, so that is why I decided to go with speakers in the back. I had to "modify" inside the backdoor panels, but it looks as it was(sans the bose emblem). We used doubledsided tape around the new tweeters to mount them inside the stock grill and that also looks the same when mounted. Sounds simply, but it worked great!

6 channel 700 watt Lighting Audio Strike Amp with direct connect .05 fared capacitor, add on fan and remote "powerjuice" gain. Brand new, long and heavy. At 4 omhs I will have 75 watts to each component, 50 watts to each 3 way, and 200 watts for the subs (that has it's own channel on the amp). The fan and cap are supposed to get the amp to 2 ohms (still using all 6 channels) but I think there is enough power to spare already! It will be mounted on a board behind the larger backseat (it's that long)

My installer has a couple of subs in bazooka tubes I am going to use to test what kind of setup I want to go with. I like quick bass so I am going with multiple 8's or 10's in a triangle box and secure it to the back deck. That is the plan, but we all know how that goes. It will be nice to test out different woofers to see what I prefer. Has anyone mounted a box on the back deck?

We used 18 gauge pre-amp wire down the passenger side and ran the power cable down the driver side, both to the trunk. I have a Rockford triangle positive battery connector, glass fuse block/holder, and distribution block left to install and of course the amp. With just the actual subwoofers left to buy, I still have about $150 left to spend and will probably go over a litttle...
LMK if you have any questions or comments. We hope to finish it up tomorrow and I will post an update.
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