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Swedish magazine arbetarbladet's motorsite did a review:

The new Mazda - a knock-out!

Oh boy! The safe and boring 626 has become the nice and tough Mazda6. "The beginning of a new era" the marketing people say, and for once we believe them. If this car also is as reliable and trustworthy as its predecessor it may win the midsize battle on knock-out.

Mazda could give the competition a powerful knock in the Mondeo-class. It is this fall's biggest surprise.
Mazda for a long time produced some of the market's most reliable car models, and that's what the concept of quality really should be about.
In that case, Mazda 626 for years have swept the floor with such cars as Audi A4, VW Passat, Volvo 40-series and BMW 3-series.

But still you have not really experienced Mazda as a quality vehicle, and much less as an enthusiast's car. On the opposite, it has felt a bit cheap, "plastic" and over-all "grey".
The latter has also been true about the driving experience - grey!
Mazda6 thus must be the result of a small revolution in Hiroshima where it's developed.
Mazda6 is a completely new and larger car, and yes, the 6 is supposed to be written together with the brand name. Soon there will also be a Mazda2 and a Mazda3.

The driver's environment is very good, the quality feeling far superior to what we know since before, and the driving abilities of the Mazda6 is in a class we didn't expect from Mazda: entertaining, safe and inspiring.
The engines are also new. 1.8 litre on 120 hp, 2.0 litre on 141 hp, and 2.3 litre that produces 166 hp.
All three are characterized by a pleasant strength on low revs and a fine driveability, even if they roar a bit unsophisticated when you push the gas pedal. The difference between the three models is surprisingly small in everyday-driving.
The best choice is the middle engine since it does not only give more power than the smallest one, but also more equipment (DSC and EBD) for a small extra fee.
If the crash tests go well and the new Mazda6 is such a safe car owning as it's predecessor, this is the new class leader.
And perhaps the car of the year.


I translated this all for you...:D

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Well this is certainly awesome. I'm loving this car more now. But it's months before it even comes out!! Argh! Drastically loosing patience. :)
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