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Hi there everyone,
Its my first time using a forum so if I do something wrong I am sorry...
Guys I was priviledged to get a Mazda 6 recently. Its the 2003/4 version 2.3 auto.
I stay in South Africa and unfortunately this car isnt very popular here and therefore not a lot of products or advice is available for it!!
Now I might be the most unknowledgable person when it comes to cars.... so... thats where i need any of your help!!! Please...
Ok so heres a few of my predicaments....
Firstly I am a speed freak and find the car a little slow robot to robot... what would you recommend to increase the power...??? I read something about an injen intake but you dont find that here...anything similar... what about an exhaust and branch manifold?? does it yeild worth while power increases on this specific car?? or anything to help me out.... please...
Then I read something about an "airbox mod" is that a good thing and does it yield good power increase?? What is the aim of this?
And what is a cai???
I dont know if its just me but I find the car dents eaily, even when just lightly leaning on it but I guess there aint much one can do about that right?
Then I was wandering if I was to connect subwoofers to my standard car head unit will it produce good bass cause I read that it hampers the subs??? True???
Thanks everyone.
I appreciate all help given....
I am just starting to get into the whole car scene so I know very little.... anyways.... Thanks again...

Yeah I just wanted to also ask if adding a performance suspension would help me cause, well i like to push my car to the limit right, and when I get its ass to throw itself, as it comes out I have terible wobble from side to side type of thing that happens right after(I think its body roll??)... What would help??? Stiffer suspension or other??? And can anyone tell me the biggest wheels that would fit on my car cause I have found the nicest pair of 20"s and i really want to get them Thanks!!!
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